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Nara Sushi Privacy . . .

GetFoodToday.com (GFT) would like to make you aware of what information we are gathering about you and what we do with that information.† By using the online ordering system for ANY of the restaurants within the GFT site, you accept the practices listed within this Privacy Notice.

What information does GFT store on their servers?

GFT DOES store certain information about you for two reasons. First and foremost is convenience to our customers. Once an order is placed, the GFT servers store some of that information (such as name, address, phone numbers, email address and delivery information) and display that information to you on subsequent visits at checkout. This allows you to get through the ordering process more efficiently without having to re-enter all of that information each time you place an order. The GFT servers do NOT store credit card numbers. We generally store the last few digits of your card number for verification purposes only. Secondly, we store your cookie ID (see cookies explained below) for 90 days so that when you return within that time period, we know that you've visited us in the past. The cookie is actually stored on your computer's hard drive and is a randomly generated number which is assigned to you. By storing this information on your computer, our servers can read it each time you visit us and retrieve your personal information (except credit card information) when you are ready to check out.

What does GFT do with my information?

As a general rule GFT does not sell or give your information (name, address, phone number, email address) to anyone. However, we do store certain information about you in the GFT servers. (See "What information does GFT store on their servers?) The only times GFT may share this information is if required by law to divulge the information to the authorities. Please check this Privacy Statement periodically as this may change in the future.

We do NOT store credit card information, which means that each time you visit one of the GFT restaurants you will be required to enter your credit card information if that restaurant accepts credit cards online.

What are Cookies and why are they needed?

Cookies are small bits of information that a web server stores about you or your browser "session". The information can be stored on your hard drive or in your browser's memory. If you visit a web site that uses cookies, the amount and type of information as well as how it is stored is determined by the authors of the web pages on the site you are visiting. (See "What information does GFT store on their servers" above.) The only information that is stored are variables that allow us to track your customer ordering information. For example, this particular site assigns an id cookie (a random generated number which looks something like this:


Session information within the GFT site such as this id, is all that we store in a cookie and it is only meant to help in your ordering process. Sensitive information such as your credit card number is never stored in a cookie from this site.

Do I have to accept a Cookie?

If you wish to use this GFT online site you must be able to accept cookies. We certainly understand if you decide not to order using this online system. We respect your decision and we're sorry that we couldn't be of service to you.

Email Notification

GFT restaurants require your email address for two reasons. First, the GFT servers send out confirmation notices via email for every order placed with one of the GFT restaurants. This way you have verification that your order was placed on the GFT servers. Secondly, your email address is our way of verifying who you are when you come to pick up an order or have an order delivered. It's convenient and allows GFT to keep track of you when placing your order.

Age Requirement Policy

Only individuals 18 or over may use the online ordering system. Even though many restaurants within the GFT system do not accept credit cards online it remains a policy that only adults over the age of 18 may order online.

How secure is the information I submit?

GFT servers use whatís known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software during secure transactions. Information such as credit card information is encrypted in both directions (to and from the server) to protect that information in transit. Please note that we do not encrypt all information that passes through the GFT servers.† Only credit card information. Information such as address information for delivery or telephone and email information that you submit is not encrypted. Only sensitive information such as credit cards.

How can I determine if information I submit is encrypted?

If you are using Netscape as your Web browser you can determine if information is encrypted by looking in the lower left hand corner of your browser screen at the small padlock shown there. If the lock is open then the information you are submitting is NOT encrypted. If it is locked (or closed) then the information you are submitting IS encrypted. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can determine if information is encrypted by looking at the bottom of your Web browser just to the right of the middle. If a little lock appears there then the information IS encrypted. If no lock appears at all, then the information you submit is NOT encrypted. Please note, most of the information on the site will not be encrypted because it is not private information.

We hope you enjoy your online ordering experience. If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to write to us at info@getfoodtoday.com

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